The yoga masters I have studied with


The Mohans, who represent an extraordinary wealth of yoga knowledge with a combined yoga teaching experience of well over 100 years! They are one of the few remaining direct links to the authentic yoga traditions of Krishnamacharya and classical yoga. They are particularly known for making in-depth yoga knowledge accessible through a clear and personalized teaching style.


Max Strom, who was Born with severe clubbed feet, Max Strom spent much of the first six years of his life with his feet confined in plaster casts and braces.

Today, he is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of people from all walks of life, teaching breathing patterns and personal transformation worldwide. His method, Inner Axis, is known to produce immediate results in alleviating stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression, impacting the internal and emotional aspects of our life, as well as physical healing.


Louisa Sear who has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is passionate in the inquiry to find one’s true nature and freedom.

In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the Divine in all. Louisa has been teaching yoga for 34 years and has had a committed Yoga Sadhana practice for over 37 years. She teaches the principles of Tantric Advaita Philosophy and specializes in Self Inquiry, Therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle, Mindful Vinyasa Asana, Pranayama & Meditation.


Rose Baudin who has studied and practiced yoga for 43 years and has taught for 25 years. She met her mentor, Swami Gauribala, in Sri Lanka in 1971 and was initiated into the Parampara 1984. During the 16 years she lived in India, she was instructed by master teachers in various schools of yoga: Integral, Iyengar, Vini and Ashtanga, as well as, extensive meditation experience under the guidance of S.N. Goenka (Vipassana), Zen Master Hogen-san Yamahata (Soto) and Sayadaw U Janaka (Satipatthana Insight Meditation). She was introduced to and taught the ritual of Agni Hotra by Dr. Robert Svoboda who instructed her in the way of his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda.

Since 1986, Rose has been based in Australia teaching yoga classes and meditation retreats. Rose has been conducting yoga intensives, residential retreats and seminars internationally for the past 20 years.


Emil Wendel has been living in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying Indian thought as well as Chinese classical philosophy. His many years of residency in Nepal and India have brought about a passion for yoga, especially the aspects of breath and meditation in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions.


Sound Massage, a unique method of working with sound and vibrations, is based on the Eastern knowledge and tradition and developed completely for the Western world. The Sound Massage is a treatment of subtle vibrations coming from the singing bowls and gongs applied to the body in a direct way (placed on a dressed body) or indirectly (in bioenergetic field). As a result of that treatment, inner harmony and balance is restored through deep relaxation process and brain synchronisation.


Christopher Harrison who discovered that the AntiGravity® Hammock also had health and fitness benefits for the general public as an exercise device and thus created “AntiGravity Yoga & Fitness”. His trademarked techniques are now proliferating in gyms and studios in over 30 countries including in Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness and in Richard Branson’s Virgin Active. The technique has been endorsed by Ironman’s Gwyneth Paltrow as the secret to her health and fitness.

Mr. Harrison, once ranked 4th at the World Games in his gymnastics specialty, performed as a dancer on Broadway and in feature films before starting his company. He is the first dancer one sees in the hit film “Footloose”. He is a member of AEA, SAG, AFTRA & SSD&C and helped choreograph “Enchanted” for Disney. He was awarded the “New Yorker of the Week” by Time Warner for his work inspiring fitness in children during the NYC Goodwill Games. He holds a special diploma from the XIX Olympic Winter Games for his participation as a creator in the spectacle events.

He has been on the cover of International Gymnast Magazine and has appeared as a special guest on The View, Katie Couric, The Today Show & Good Morning America. He sits on the board of the Wendy Hilliard Foundation, dedicated to bringing fitness to underprivileged youth. Mr. Harrison holds a BFA in Theatre/Dance performance from the University of Utah.

At the core of all of Mr. Harrison’s work is the desire to motivate and inspire others with his passion for expression through physicality.


Dr Itai Ivtzan who is passionate about the combination of psychology and spirituality.

He is convinced that if we befriend both psychology and spirituality, and succeed in introducing them into our lives, we will all become super-heroes, and gain super-strengths of awareness, courage, resilience, and compassion. He is a positive psychologist, a senior lecturer, and the program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL). He is also an honorary senior research associate at University College London (UCL). He published many books, journal papers, and book chapters and his main areas of research are spirituality, mindfulness, meaning, and self-actualisation.

For the last 15 years Dr Ivtzan has run seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats, in the UK and around the world, in various educational institutions and at private events while focusing on a variety of psychological and spiritual topics such as: positive psychology, psychological & spiritual growth, consciousness, and meditation. Dr. Ivtzan is confident that meditation has the power to positively transform individuals and even the whole world. Accordingly, he has been investing much time in studying meditation at the university, writing books about it, and teaching it.


Janice Clarfield who enjoys an international reputation as an inspiring teacher/practitioner of yoga, meditation and energy healing. She has an eclectic, integrative and contemplative approach for adults of all ages and bodies. She also teaches therapeutic yoga for those facing challenging health issues and speciality classes/workshops for pregnant women and expectant couples.

Janice has been practicing yoga, meditation and energy medicine for more than 25 years and teaching since 1990. She has studied related body/mind disciplines, including dance, body psychotherapy and energy medicine. Janice sat on the Prenatal Yoga Advisory Committee for Yoga Alliance, USA. She trains professionals to work with pregnant women and expectant couples. She is the author of a study guide for prenatal yoga teachers and has recorded a CD for pregnancy and birth preparation.

She has co-written and been featured in the hospital video ‘Yoga For Teens With Abdominal Pain’ for adolescents who have intestinal disorders. As well she has recorded a CD of guided meditations and gentle yoga postures ‘Pure Joy: Awakening True Nature’. Janice developed and co-directed the Canadian Cancer Society’s Listening Room facility in Vancouver, designing creative and healing programs for those living with cancer and their families/friends.


Dr. Richard Miller, founder of iRest® Yoga Nidra is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, author, yogic scholar, researcher and clinical psychologist, who has combined traditional yogic practice with Western psychology and neuroscience.

He is committed to bringing the healing benefits of iRest to all segments of our population. Over the years, iRest has helped veterans and victims of human trafficking truly overcome their post-traumatic stress (PTS) and reclaim their lives. It has helped long time yogis and meditators access even greater spiritual awakening.

The program has helped others with resolving chronic pain, healing from addiction, getting off medication, shedding unhealthy patterns, enjoying more clarity and creativity, processing grief, and accessing profound states of oneness.


Renae holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and is a registered Art Therapist experienced in trauma recovery. Renae is recognized by Yoga Australia as a Senior Yoga Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.

Her foundational years of study involved completing a full-time 3-year training specialized in Yoga Therapy at the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne, Circus Arts training in Beijing and Physiotherapy foundation studies in anatomy and physiology at the University of Queensland.

Renae has become a passionate advocate on the benefits of a multimodal therapeutic approach combining the creative arts and movement therapies. She now lives in Tambourine Mountain, spends as little time as possible on social media, and focuses on teaching therapeutic movement in Brisbane, providing in-school therapy for newly arrived refugee children and delivering education.

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