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Goal : Improve Breathing Basics and Specific to your needs

Workshop # 1:  Understanding Breath: Sunday 21 March – Recommended 

Workshop # 2: What does my body do with my breath?: Monday 26th April – Recommended 

Workshop # 3: How do I breathe for Anxiety, stress, relaxation: Sunday 6 June – Recommended 

Workshop # 4: Breath for Improved performance/ focus: Sunday 4 July

Workshop # 5: Breath for posture wellbeing: Sunday 8 August


Hosted by Mike Barton (Golds Freo PT)

Presenter : Jacklyn (Jac) Bengtsson Breathing Specialist

All Workshops Start 3pm, Duration: 45 mins

Cost: Members $10 , Non members $25

Bookings essential: Text Mike 0422 533 989

For More info: also 0422 533 989

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      The studio will reopen on Monday 3rd May and all classes on the timetable will be offered.

      Don’t forget to bring your mask as they need to be worn indoors.